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It has already been seven years since the Didi Foundation was set up. We’re very proud of everything we've achieved so far. Living conditions were not great. There was a shortage of medicines and the children had to either sleep in a crowed bed or on the cold concrete floor. All they had to drink was groundwater from the well which frequently made them ill. In short, these children were in desperate need of help.

Over the last five years the children's home has had a major facelift. Because of your help the home now has power 24 hours a day and a new floor has been laid. A good floor is particularly important seeing as they eat, study, play and in the summer even sleep on it!

Four year old Asish, had impaired vision. We were able to give him an eye operation, which completely restored his eyesight.

Every time I visit the children. I completely restock medical supplies for the children with heart, skin or hair conditions. There is a water cooler with cold and filtered drinking water. There are new beds with good mattresses as well as blankets and sheets. There is a sink and a water cooler that provides cold, filtered drinking water. The leaks in the roof have been repaired. There is now a washing machine and three refrigerators and every child is given three sets of school uniform. All of these uniforms are made by the local tailor. There are now also enough shoes, bags, lunchboxes and the necessary school supplies.

The building has now been painted inside and out (in colours chosen by the children) and the local painter has created beautiful murals that really brighten up the children’s home.

But these is still so much more to do…

Because the foundations of 'St. Jude's Foundling Home' are in such bad shape, we really need to build a completely new children’s home and have been planning to do so since 2008. But it will of course require a lot of funding, so it is currently neither possible nor attainable. Until it is, I keep going back every year and together with the nuns we look at what is most needed at that point. This means the living conditions are still improving for these children bit by bit each time. And who knows, I might one day reach that goal.

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Your one-off or regular donations are more than welcome. 

You can make a donation to the following account number: NL 66 RABO 0138.8208.05. Account holder name: Stichting Didi Foundation. Please state your (company) name or 'anonymous'. If we receive your donation and you haven’t stated your name, your name will not be published in the Didi Foundation news for privacy reasons.

If you have any questions or you would like to support Didi Foundation by organizing something at school, work or anywhere else you can think of, let us know via our contact form. We would be happy to come along.

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