Didi Foundation  
The purpose of our foundation is to give children of the age between 0 and 18 a purpose in life and improve their living conditions in the St. Judes Foundling home. Every child has the right to a good life. Think of your own safe and clean living environment. As a foundation we contribute to: personal hygiene, 3x daily varied meals, education, medication, and clean drinking water. All this in a safe and loving "home situation". In addition, we offer financial help/support to every child who wants to follow further education after high school.

Mission / self-reliance
Since 2007 we are supporting the St. Judes Foundling home, help financially and advise where needed. We are mainly focused on (orphan) children who unfortunately cannot grow up in their own family. We assure that every child goes to school and completes it. For these children it is the only ticket to an independent life. The social safety net for this group of children in India is minimal. Our mission is to support and guide these children in their development from child to young adults who can later stand on their own two feet.

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Please do so! Click here to make a donation. Every child we can help is one. Contributing to a better life together is a nice gesture. Namasté!



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