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Stephanie personally visited our new project in Jaipur at the start of this year. A remarkable time in which she was able to see and learn a lot. A special trip full of wonderful experiences.

Stephanie became aware of this project back in 2013. A beautiful project that she was keen to learn more about. Jaimala, the woman who had set up this project together with her husband, has written a book about how this project came about. Didi has stayed in touch with this project since 2013 as Stephanie was inspired by both the visit and the book. 

'We wanted to sell products from India that had been made in an honest way. These little elephants were what we found. And we were able to have them made by Jaimala. After a few months of being in frequent contact the support project started. Within a couple of months, 500 colourful elephants were delivered to the Netherlands ready for sale. The project in Jaipur makes these elephants for a fair price and with the profits we will be able to support other projects.’

We have every faith in this new project and we are pouring our energy into supporting it. A great start to 2015! We are of course also continuing to support the orphanage in Jhansi.

The new project offers help and knowledge in three different areas. 

Project 1: child care 

Years ago this foundation bought a large piece of land on the outskirts of Jaipur. They offer permanent shelter to 130 children aged 3 to 18. 
On part of the land there are small houses fitted out with bunk beds and a separate room for an adult to sleep in. The rooms are all clean and tidy. They have their own cupboard with storage space. And there is a separate shower and toilet area.

Next to these houses there is a large, open kitchen where the Nepalese Ravi cooks for the children and staff every day. And it's definitely a full-time job to provide a healthy meal three times a day. Due to the large numbers needing to be cooked for they all eat the same thing. But with as much variety as possible. By giving every child their own job, they each learn to contribute to daily life. From washing the clothes and helping the young children, to cleaning the rooms and looking after the animals. That way everything keeps running smoothly. And this responsibility gives the children pride and self-confidence.

These children are all orphans. Their parents have either died or the family is no longer able to care for the children. As a result brothers and sisters are often brought in together. Insofar as is possible, they are given, food, shelter and the necessary care and attention.

A school has also been built on this piece of land where the children attend lessons every day. Didi Foundation is going to support these children by providing school uniforms and reading materials. Because education is so important in India, we are also keen to start with this support.

Project 2: supporting single women/prostitutes and helping them to have a safe work environment

It's not easy being a single mother in India. You have little or no support and are often marginalised. You can't work because you have to look after your children. Often close family can't offer any help, because they are already struggling to care for their own family. Frequently children are not sent to school so that they can beg on the streets and sometimes the children themselves are even sold. These are just examples of what might happen to the children. Some women turn to prostitution. Earning money easily in or outside of the home. The project gives these women the opportunity to stop doing that and to get training as seamstresses in sewing workshops. That way they can earn a salary for themselves and their children can go to school in the project. Unfortunately it is often a long process before they move away from it completely. 

Money comes before everything else, even though they know deep down that it isn't right. In the project they are therefore given weekly information on why it is important for them to move away from that world. 

A number of women live in the project permanently. As well as the school and childcare there is also a sewing workshop on the land. The women make beautiful hand sewn products there and sell them in the shop that is also part of the project. Or they make things for buyers such as the 500 elephants they made for us. As it takes months to do they are creating an income. The women who live on the campus permanently sleep alongside the groups of children so that they aren't alone at night and the women have their own accommodation and room. That way everyone takes care of each other. The elephants are available to buy on our website.

Project 3: lorry project

The third project is aimed at lorry drivers. In India lorry drivers can be 
away from home for weeks at a time. While they are away they often pick up women who are infected with HIV. Then when they return home they transmit it to their own wives. The sad consequence is that often one or sometimes both parents die from HIV. As a result the children also become orphans when they get older.

On the outskirts of Jaipur there is an information centre where men can be tested for Aids anonymously. If the blood test shows that they are HIV positive, they can receive treatment free of charge which is reimbursed by the government. They are given an HIV document so that they can continue their treatment anywhere in India. In this information centre they are informed of the consequences of unsafe sex. This is simply explained using diagrams; and condoms are provided for free. The hospital in Jaipur now sees around 1000 men each month. The taboo is gradually being broken.

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The new project The new project

Stephanie personally visited our new project in Jaipur at the start of this year. A remarkable time in which she was able to see and learn a lot. A special trip full of wonderful experiences.

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